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Gu Ying and her wild shooting equipment. Respondents for map

Fight the male antelope. Gu Ying / photo

The Hoh Xil Tibetan wild ass. Gu Ying / photo

The Qinghai Tibet Plateau bear. Gu Ying / photo

A wolf carrying male Tibetan sheep. Gu Ying / photo

At the same time through the screen and train the Tibetan antelope. Gu Ying / photo

Author: Wang Jingshuo China youth - Youth Online reporter

Editing: Jiang Weiwei

Gu Ying put the camera focused on the bear's head, so it was a little bit closer, press the shutter, she suddenly saw the bear suddenly on his shot, look increasingly angry, and she rushed to.

Gu Ying to carry the tripod and heavy camera, struggling to run in the opposite direction, in the back to view the "danger" of panic moment, she fell down. Behind the brown bear began to sprint, suddenly from her only 8 meters.

At a crucial moment on the occasion, brown bears several wire on blocking the steps, while it froze time, Gu Yingfei to escape, which is saved a life.

3 years ago, the wild animal photographer Gu Ying first shot to the Hoh Xil Tibetan antelope, accidentally foraging into bear, almost encounter danger. This looks petite woman, have long been accustomed to peer and dangerous, because the photograph so "hard", she was dubbed the "wild female hunter".

She was driving alone walking off-road vehicles to Tibet for two months, held a few weeks in the mountains, only to shoot plateau endemic "Tragopan satyra"; she often robbed a man came to Bolivia, the local people do not often say English, she is not Spanish, a search for a variety of scenarios Flamingo picture.

She is full of leeches and mosquitoes in the tropical rainforest swim and crawl. Philippines's national bird "haribon" by scientists predict will be extinct within 50 years, to capture traces of them, Gu Ying deep in the rainforest, rain not to say hello to come, had also heard gunshots outside the forest troops.

She also went to the polar bear breeding ground for 1 months of shooting, finally photographed the polar bear cub with hibernation holes in the screen, minus 30 degrees Celsius temperatures, and in addition to the snow or snow in front of her; in the Antarctic, but to catch up with El Nino, in a snowstorm continuously persist for 18 days spend more than 10 hours a day to shoot the emperor, a independent photographer in the Antarctic emperor penguins breed the most long time continuous shooting record.

However, all these difficulties, in the eyes of Gu Ying, are far less than in the western region of cocoa in unmanned shooting. In 2016, in the South and North after the shooting, for the completion of the "earth pole" theme, Gu Ying for the first time to the Hoh Xil, recorded the survival status of Tibetan antelope on the Tibetan plateau.

Kekexili is located in Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yushu province in the west, was known as the wild animal photographer's paradise. Here is a unique infested wild yak, Tibetan antelope, white lipped deer on the Tibetan Plateau animal. But at the same time, an altitude of 5000 meters, also means that the photographer must endure the bitter cold, and with strong combat altitude sickness.

Compared to other areas of the same altitude, Kekexili unpopulated area little vegetation, the oxygen content is lower, especially in winter. At an altitude of over 2700 meters in Golmud, Gu Ying in the daytime sleepiness in the evening and headache; into the elevation of 5000 meters, she is a spit for 3 days.

Take wild animal, than shoot the scenery is uncertain thing. The animal can not communicate, it is difficult to predict their whereabouts, shooting will need patience and luck. Compared to the Antarctic penguins close at hand, Kekexili wild animal are very mysterious, they are very sensitive, a little wind sways grass would be defeated and flee to come over, or simply to "hunt", sometimes more close to, the more they will stay away from.

Before using the camera frame, Gu Ying often goes through search, long wait and see. Shooting antelope litter, she got up earlier than the animal, animal sleep late every day at 5:30 in the morning into the tent, keep quiet state for more than ten hours, in order to prevent from carnivorous animal, she even the smell of food can not eat.

In order to ensure their own safety, do not disturb the animal life, she often put himself into hiding, waiting hidden in the tent, holding the camera quietly peeping".

The most wonderful dynamic scenes are the most difficult to capture, to miss all the good shot, she must stare animal. There are various changqiangduanbao Gu Ying carry equipment, hundreds of kilograms of equipment, twenty or thirty lenses, different angle direction of the gate switch back and forth; for the detection of aerial scenes and ensure the spare, she carried 3 sets of uav.

Doing, she appeared in each lens in the scene, are behind the repeated wait and capture dozens of times. To bring their own food, to solve their difficulties. In the rain for several days of summer, off-road vehicles trapped in the mud; cold winter weather, ten days to shoot down, she often cold finger cracking.

People often appear in the lens in the animal, is also studied. Those rare species of rare and often data only, take them, you have to work hard over their habits. In addition to filming Gu Ying has been collecting all kinds of documents and materials, rich animal knowledge, learn their habits......

In the Hoh Xil, she is a stay of 3 years. This 3 years, almost half of the time, Gu Ying is shot in one area. The other half of the time, she kept doing my homework.

Because of this kind of stick, her "corner of life -- living in the earth's polar" photography exhibition, won the highest award 2016 Chinese Pingyao International Photography Festival jury award. She also became the HOHXIL only invited photographers supported by the inscription, the Hoh Xil National Nature Reserve administration.

In fact, there are many pictures of animal people, praised the film a lot, but a senior photographer can always see pictures behind the "Maoerni": some animal looks vivid and clever, precisely because they live in the fed state, as long as the Fed can shoot, to shoot the lively is not difficult.

It is the pure natural pursuit of Gu Ying. "I hope that in the wild and wild animal really meet, see their real life." She does not love to your own photos too many definitions, "shoot wild animal has a lot of uncertainty, if the subjective selectivity to shoot, is likely to be limited and unilateral, only fixed to particular moment. My method is as long as the encounter, recorded one by one."

She can't remember how many times has been to kekexili. Every time, less than half a month, more than two months into the unmanned area, Gu Ying will be absorbed in, captured the only animal behavior is completely finished, she will be unable to part to step aside.

Therefore, she saw a lot of people have not seen the scene, she found the wild animal is slowly changing, such as the migration of Tibetan antelope. Many years ago, the Qinghai Tibet railway has just completed, they are scared of this huge monster train, not at the same time to train photographers and the Tibetan antelope. In 2016, Gu Ying first came to the Hoh Xil photographed them with picture frame. 2018, she photographed the flock in passing under the bridge, and the bridge is a running train.

"The wild animal has struggled to adapt to the changes of the surrounding environment, but we need to give them enough time and space. It also reflects the relationship between animal survival and development of mankind." Gu Ying realized that, as a wild animal photographer, we must construct the animal protection and environmental protection consciousness in the heart. Her work is no longer a pleasing "syrup", propositions but entire Kekexili natural ecology.

"If a wild animal to provide beautiful moment only audience, often lead to misunderstanding of people's living conditions of them." Gu Ying said, in fact, the wild animal is not just flying in the blue sky, in the prairie running, sunshine bright beautiful appearance, and the cruel side of their life, her camera left many moments before his death last raised its struggling emperor penguin chick, when crossing the road by car migration injured, dying eyes with cataract of the Tibetan antelope, the Yunnan snub nosed monkey......

How to "animal reproduction, how to face the enemy, whether habitat environment is influenced by human activities, the influence extent of all, we must pay close attention to the thing." She said seriously.

But in the field, Gu Ying like clockwork, riveting enough strength. She took the wild animal seriously, and competing with the bad environment. This life together to clear woman, photography is actually "befuddles": prior to this, she has been engaged in an equally cool occupation - paragliding.

As a former China paragliding national team, Gu Ying has won 4 national paragliding women's champion, created the first woman China paragliding point line hundred kilometers cross-country record. But fate seemed to be her big joke. In 2009, the last day of the World Cup training camp, Gu Ying in the paraglider base stall fall, almost paralyzed. According to the doctor's advice, she must suspend paragliding for one or two years.

Rest, an opportunity to travel with friends, Gu Ying accidentally took off the endangered black faced spoonbill. At that moment, she is eager to fly the mood is lit, followed by birds as the theme to start shooting. Gu Ying traveled the world seven continents and four oceans, recorded thousands of birds, also held several exhibitions "birds" horizon, works are included in the world's authoritative birds "manual" birds of the world.

Return from the upper to the lofty practical land, Gu Ying thinks he is now to more social significance. With the wild animal closer when back, she always forget everything. Subconsciously, Gu Ying has been photography as another challenge "limits" - this is a natural, ecological and relates to the survival of the proposition.

In the photographic industry for 7 years, Gu Ying everywhere, have a lot of opportunities to communicate with their foreign counterparts. Mention the "we" shoot wild creatures, these foreign photographers are always favored. To go abroad to participate in the film festival, she did not expect his works in praise at the same time, also got some surprising sound, a lot of people feeling that the original Chinese wild animal is so rich and colorful.

Gu Ying think he has the responsibility to carry out a full range of these wild animal records. The Chinese nature reserves with a total area of 1 million 470 thousand square kilometers, close to the total land area of 1/6, the Hoh Xil and Sanjiang source of wild animal resources are very rich, there are many not known to the public, I would have been rooted in the Hoh Xil Sanjiang source, Chinese Qinghai Tibet high original shot, I believe Chinese the wild animal or Chinese you know best."

Gu Ying appears in the Kekexili wild animal story may never have a lifetime. Just a few days ago, she picked up the familiar equipment to Kekexili started off again.

Source: Chinese Youth Daily

(Zi Rui, He Yingchun: the early commissioning editor)

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