Sichuan starts community action for college student volunteer service

09 November 2018, 08:28 source: China Youth Online

From now on, Sichuan university volunteers will receive a special volunteer service. In November 8th, the youth volunteering love community volunteer service community action (hereinafter referred to as "community action") was launched in Chengdu, Sichuan.

At the launching ceremony, Yang Xingping, vice governor of the Sichuan provincial government, said that volunteering is a very noble and promising business. He hoped that the volunteers would vigorously carry forward the volunteerism of dedication, fraternity, mutual help and progress, and actively cultivate the good habit of "I am everyone, everyone for me", and dedicate wisdom and passion to a wealthy, civilized and vibrant homeland.

In the community action, university volunteers will use their spare time to walk into the community, give full play to their knowledge and skills, and provide four kinds of services, including community participation, community support, policy advocacy and social practice, to enable the college students to gain growth and progress in serving others and contributing to society.

In line with the principle of "proximity, precision service" and "good use of network, flexibility and convenience", combined with the reality of the surrounding communities in universities, community action will promote closer ties between colleges and public transport communities. Community action relies on all kinds of volunteer service network platforms, such as "volunteer Sichuan", to enter the volunteer service regularly, and fully integrate new media and mobile terminals to achieve volunteer service at hand and everyone can do it.

Through the construction of the youth credit system, the length of the volunteer service will be included in the credit system, get credit scores, and get positive incentives in education, finance and many other aspects, so as to enhance the "sense of achievement" and enthusiasm of volunteers.

Community action has also set up the three party evaluation mechanism of "service object + team + volunteer individual". The volunteers participating in community action will be included in the evaluation of star volunteer service and the "grade a certificate" of Sichuan college students' comprehensive quality. Those who are particularly outstanding in performance will be given priority to participating in the "volunteer backbone Growth Camp" and the "university student volunteer service western plan". At the same time, it also encourages the exploration of voluntary credit exchange credits (included in the "second classroom" transcript), the link between voluntary service and scholarships, and the "admission of merit to the party" and other measures.

The community action chooses the most concentrated areas in Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, Nanchong, Luzhou and Yibin as the first batch of implementation areas. On the basis of constant summing up and optimization, it gradually promotes the universities in Sichuan province to achieve full coverage. Up to now, more than 3000 volunteer service teams in 88 schools have successfully paired up with the community.

Wang Longhua, China Youth Daily, China Youth Online reporter Wang Xinxin source: China Youth Daily

(editor in chief: Chu Zi Rui, He Yingchun)

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