Sichuan college students volunteer service community action

In November 2018 09, 08:28 source: Youth Online

This day, Sichuan college student volunteers will receive a special volunteer service task. In November 8th, the youth volunteer love in the Community College Volunteer Community Service Act (hereinafter referred to as "community action") in Sichuan Chengdu start.

To start the ceremony, vice governor of Sichuan province Yang Xingping said that the volunteer service is a very noble, have a brilliant future career, he hopes the student volunteers volunteer spirit and vigorously promote the dedication, friendship, mutual aid, progress, and actively cultivate "for all, all for my good habits", vibrant, prosperous and civilized. Their dedication and passion.

Community action, student volunteers will use their spare time into the community, make full use of knowledge skills, including 4 categories of services to participate in community governance, chivalric, policy advocacy, social practice, for the community people, let students contributing to society in the harvest growth and progress in the service of others.

The spirit of "the nearest handy, accurate service" and "good network, flexible and convenient" principle, combined with the surrounding community, community action will promote the University and public transportation coverage in the nearest community. Relying on the "Sichuan volunteer community action" and other kinds of volunteer service network platform, to carry out normalization of volunteer service time entry, and combined with the new media, mobile terminal, implementation of volunteer service, everyone can reach.

Through the construction of youth credit system, volunteer service time will be included in the credit system, to obtain credit score, and get positive incentives in education, financial and other aspects, enhance the volunteers "enthusiasm and gain a sense of".

Community action has also established a "service + team + volunteers" three party evaluation mechanism, to participate in the community action volunteers will favor in the evaluation included star volunteer service in Sichuan Province, the comprehensive quality of college students "grade a certificate" etc.. Especially on the performance, will be recruited in "volunteer camp" and "college students volunteer service plan". At the same time, also encourage the exploration of volunteer service exchange credits (included in the "second class" transcripts), volunteer service and scholarship hook and "Tuiyou party" and other measures.

Community action from Chengdu, Deyang, Mianyang, Nanchong, Luzhou, Yibin and other universities are concentrated area for the implementation of the first batch of regions, based on the optimization of constantly sum up, step by step in the promotion of colleges and universities in Sichuan Province, to achieve full coverage. As of now, the first batch of 88 schools have more than 3000 volunteer service teams and successful community twinning.

Wang Longhua China youth - Youth Online Source: China Youth Daily reporter Wang Xinxin

(Zi Rui, He Yingchun: the early commissioning editor)

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