"Best efforts to support the public welfare of the motherland"

11 2018 09 08:35 on the source of years: Nan Fang Daily

Nanfang Daily (reporter / Zhang Liu Qinghuang Si Hua He Senyao) the morning of November 8th, held the 25th anniversary anniversary of Ceng Xianzi middle school in Meizhou city. Ceng Xianzi, a former member of the school of those who donated, 84 years old this year, the NPC Standing Committee of Hongkong Goldlion Group founder Dr. Ceng Xianzi, with the usual attend celebration activities, teachers and students on campus photo.

9 pm, Ceng Xianzi old man sitting in a wheelchair came to the campus. "My body is not good, the family said not to attend, but I must come, because I have a lot of words to say to you." The meeting, Ceng Xianzi recalls, when although the family was poor, but he did not give up on themselves, but strive hard and entrepreneurial success. In a successful career, he did not forget the motherland and hometown upbringing, "do their best to support homeland education, aerospace, sports and other public welfare undertakings".

In 1978, the first time Ceng Xianzi returned to his hometown in Meizhou, donated a school building for the alma mater of Dongshan middle school, from the beginning of his charitable deeds in the mainland. He has donated to build Ceng Xianzi middle school in Meizhou City, Meixian Xian Zi Li group of middle school and primary school; invested about 26000000 yuan for the Ceng Xianzi secondary school and expand the teaching scale and teachers. In his heart perfusion, Ceng Xianzi high school in Guangdong province has become the national model high school. According to incomplete statistics, since the last century in 70s, Ceng Xianzi on the mainland of education, science and technology, health, sports and other undertakings donations totaling more than 1 billion 200 million yuan, of which Meizhou 200 million yuan donation.

Next, I will donate 20 million yuan for the construction of education in Meizhou. People die, even if I have a day not, my name will always be foundation for the construction of our country service." Ceng Xianzi encouraged the students to remember the "diligence and integrity" motto, work hard, overcome all difficulties, Yongpangaofeng, create excellent results, to serve the motherland, hometown.

(Zi Rui, He Yingchun: the early commissioning editor)