Hong Kong Ocean Park Protection Week held in Sichuan

In November 2018 09, 08:40 source: 138479.xyz: People's Daily Overseas Edition

Pictured from the Sichuan ABA youth welcome in the Hong Kong Ocean Park dance.
Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Xiaochu photo

Hongkong newspaper (reporter Chen Ran) in November 8, jointly organized by the Hong Kong Ocean Park, the Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department and Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture People's Government in the "2018 Sichuan Nature Protection Week" opened in Hongkong on 8, to "land ABA, panda and create beautiful homes; Sichuan concentric" as the theme, the giant panda conservation efforts and propaganda Sichuan national traditional culture for Hongkong residents and tourists.

Hongkong chief executive Lin Zhengyuee said in his speech, the government in 2006 to set up economic and Trade Office in Chengdu, and has been involved in the Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction work has laid a solid foundation for the two sides to strengthen cooperation.

She said that Wolong is the focus of the work to support the reconstruction of post disaster reconstruction of Sichuan. Thanks for the assistance of Hongkong, Chinese giant panda protection and research center of Wolong Ping tree base and Dujiangyan base has for the people of Hongkong free and open, Sichuan Nature Reserve in Wolong has become the Hongkong youth training base, the acclaimed.

"People's Daily Overseas Edition" (09 November 2018 04 Edition)

(Zi Rui, He Yingchun: the early commissioning editor)